Our company specializes in the important raw material of Acid Stearic Calcium Carbonate powder – both coated and uncoated – for manufacturing industries including plastic, paper, rubber, paint, wall putty, ceramic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, artificial marble, etc.

Our super fine white stone powder product is manufactured using a modern European technology line (Hosokawa from Germany), with an automatic closed technology flow and the most modern aerodynamic separator, which can adjust a diverse product particle size according to your requirement, while ensuring product uniformity.

With the advantage of directly exploiting white stone quarry in Quy Hop – Nghe An, the most pure white stone source in Asia that crystallized over millions of years, Hiep Mau guarantees the stability of quality as well as the supplying progress to our customers.

Under precise manufacturing standards and insurance of product compliance of quality management systems, our stone powder products have been certified for safety and high quality by the Vietnam Standards and Quality Center 3 – General Department of Quality Standards. SGS Vietnam granted certification for safety in heavy metals and non-toxic chemicals.

As a unit that directly manufactures and distributes stone powder to the domestic market and exports, we also invest in an independent and professional transportation system which enables us to offer the most competitive prices in the market. With our proactivity and initiative in product supply, we strive to meet the most flexible delivery deadlines, thus creating an advantage for us in supplying factories with high demand in delivery progress and good quality products. Besides a supply of large quantities of stone powder to the domestic market within Southern Vietnam, Hiep Mau also expands through the markntroets of Taiwan, China, India, etc. Our CaCO3 stone powder products are thus materials that bring high economic efficiency for your choice.